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I grabbed the Canon G9 and headed to Brooklyn Projects opening and launch of the Nemo produced book FREESTYLIN’. Nike SB’s, John Martin asked Nemo creative director Mark Lewman if he could do anything for BMX what would he do. Lewman brought the old band together from the Freestylin’ days and put together an amazing historical outline of the pioneering days of freestyle BMX. Spike Jones and Andy Jenkins collaborated in their original roles and put together the book.

BMX racing will debut in China at the Olympics next month and Nike SB has been doing promotions to bring focus to the new event. Michael Lau designed special limited edition Blazers for the promotion and if you were at the party in LA the he also design two special edition toys and a show box that is so unique and original!

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Benjamin Linus of LOST and the Nikon D100

Do you think money exchanges hands between Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) and Nikon on this product placement?

Has the celebrity obsessions have gone too far? It used to be the National Inquire with run out and shoot celebrities sun bathing in the nude, it was understood that the celebrity would sue the publication and the media feeding frenzy that would ensue would propel the actress’ career into high gear! To keep up and contribute the frenzy coolspotters.com has launched the BETA site.

The coolspotters.com site is full of celebrity profiles, product profiles, movie profiles, and so much more. These Profiles are where you can learn about the associations between your favorite celebrities, entertainment, products, events, and places.

Be the first in your neighborhood to be the ultimate consumer of useless information and gossip!

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The 2008 Teva Mountain Games photography competition has evolved into a new and challenging format to truly test a Photographer’s skills. Competitors will have 80 hours to take photos during the Games.

At the conclusion of the Games, photographers will submit their top three photos online to a jury. The photos will be judged on the subject of “Iconic Teva Mountain Games”. The person compiling the top “portfolio” will be awarded the winner. The top three Photographers will be awarded cash and their final work will be displayed on the Teva Mountain Games website and in Outside Magazine!

Don’t miss your chance to shoot some epic mountain scenary and compete for a heft cash purse!

1st – $2500
2nd – $1500
3rd – $1000

More info CLICK HERE

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Li Wei

Today’s inspiration was sparked by the travel plans of Nemo Design’s Creative Director, Mark Lewman. He is on a plane today to China to be part of a pre Olympic art show. The “Lightning Bolt” show is supporting Nike’s sponsorship of BMX racing at the 2008 games. The venue is a converted oil tank located in downtown. The curiosity leads me to the work of Li Wei.

As the world gets cluttered with images after image it really does become difficult to stand out and have a signature to work. Li Wei work is a cross between performance art and suicide. In action sports we had an underlying mantra of shut up and put up. Don’t tell me what you are going to do, show me. Li puts himself into the work, literally. He has suspended himself above the Beijing skyline to illustrate his vision. I can’t help but wonder if the adrenaline is a key part of the art.

It is hard to also progress a body of work and continue to re invent your vision. Sally Mann had a difficult transition after her inspiration, her family, grew up. Li seems to have let his thirst for adreline move his work. The simple magicians mirror trick of 2000 has grown into high wire production. For example, the performance/photograph titled Free Degree Over 29th Story (2003), in which Li Wei’s body appears to float from a window on the 29th floor of Beijing’s Jianwai SOHO office complex. In the image, his body is held in gravity-defying suspension. Arms outstretched, body rigidly horizontal, Li appears on the threshold of either soaring miraculously among the skyscrapers of Beijing’s Central Business District, or plummeting gloriously like Evel Knievel.

Li has gone on to exhibit his work internationally, including recent solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Madrid, Beijing, and Milan.

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skateboard the parking garage


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“The superficial” ran a piece that came across Jeff’s desk here at Nemo. There is a coming of age story in here. When I was at BIKINI magazine/ Ray Gun (1992) we photographed Alyssa Milano nude in the desert and it was a huge deal. She was a child actor trying to avoid the child actor syndrome and striped for the magazine. It was mild. Her mother was there and knew about the entire shoot and I even wondered if she staged the shoot. Janet Jackson, Lindsay Lohan have all signed deals with the devil to continue their careers. Here we have Hanna Montana aka Miley Cyrus needing to make the transition as well. This is how Hollywood does it people. Her audience is growing and it is sad but true. Jodi Foster made the leap from child star to Oscar winner based on her reputation as an incredible actress. She did it.

Annie Leibovitz issued the following statement to People: “I’m sorry that my portrait of Miley has been misinterpreted. Miley and I looked at fashion photographs together and we discussed the picture in that context before we shot it. The photograph is a simple, classic portrait, shot with very little makeup, and I think it is very beautiful.”

Apparently Disney, who owns Hannah Montana, was not aware of the photos until they appeared on Entertainment Tonight. You know how Disney cares about that wholesome image. They don’t want their young starlets flashing their goods until they’re good and insane. Right, Britney Spears? Now get that kitten out of your mouth. For the last time, putting hot fudge on it doesn’t make it food. You gotta use ketchup.

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