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Baryshnikov behind the camera!

Baryshnikov’s newest incarnation is as a Photographer. Yes, I am talking about that Baryshnikov. Twinkle toes, White Nights star, Russian renaissance man.  Have I given away my affinity for him? He was just in Portland last year for a performance at Pica’s TBA festival. I was this close to seeing him live, but had to give away my ticket and go out of town on short notice. I may never get a chance to see him dance, but now I have the opportunity to see his photography of dance. For his latest project, Mikael Baryshnikov worked with choreographer Merce Cunningham taking photographs of his troupe. The photos are beautiful, conveying emotion, color and movement. Check out this NY Times slideshow/interview about his exhibit here

And for your viewing pleasure, a little reminder of his genius… Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.youtube.com posted with vodpod

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brought to us by the Quit Life Camera Club and Cherlyn Licas.

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Nemo’s first party of the year was a blast. Our white studio was christened with “the blood of christ” for Easter morn. Lots of sweaty dancing and happy faces, well, except when TG was shining the 15 watt video light in your eyes….   Vodpod videos no longer available. posted with vodpod

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josh letchworthjosh letchworthjosh letchworth

“Back in the day” we used to have Pen Pals. Today, we Twitter, IM and email all our friends and colleagues. Josh Letchworth has been sending me the Eye Candy to keep me stoked up while I jockey my desk at Nemo Design. Josh is living at sea level doing the STANDARD magazine project. Recently, Ski Doo brought him up to the mountain to shoot snowmobiles and he shared some of his thoughts and shots from the adventure in Yellowstone:You know, now I understand the “fish out of water” feeling TG was getting when he was down in the keys for the Nike shoot last spring. In December, I had the chance to shoot up in West Yellowstone for Ski Doo. Yes it was cold, there was a lot of snow and I quickly learned that jeans and a pair of flip flops just wouldn’t cut it. So, before i left, I made this laundry list of questions to ask Trevor about how to survive out there. He kindly replied with some vital info and many links to REI’s website. Thanks, now I am addicted to buying really cool stuff that i will never use. Love it. The trip was great. I actually really enjoyed shooting in those conditions once I got in my rhythm. It was all about having the right stuff at the right time…like fingerless gloves, pocket warmers, lithium batteries and a good backpack. i found it nice to not be sweating, salty and sunburned. The light bounced around off the snow like a giant studio and when it did get cloudy, at least the light was even. I guess that’s what is fun about life sometimes….stepping outside of your comfort zone. You always come back a bit more perspective on things. I’d go back to shoot in the snow anytime, just have the fire burning and the hot toddy ready by 5. -josh josh letchworth ski doo shootjosh letchworth ski doo shootjosh letchworth ski doo shoot

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