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Now that it’s spring break, my plans to snowboard in the sun are becoming a reality! The thing that comes to mind when snow and sun roll off the tongue in a single sentence… High Cascade Snowboard Camp. If you don’t already know, they have these rad workshops for both photo and video. Plus, you may get a chance to see an exploding RV! This is real! Mr. Mertz and I saw this thing blow up on our way out of govy!Exploding RV by Kari Rowe When you enroll for the photo workshop you get an opportunity to work with Trevor Graves, Tim Zimmerman, Christy Chaloux, Andy Wright and Nick Hamilton, Transworld’s photo editior. There always ends up being a few surprise guests, as well. These guys help you figure out what gear to use, composition, angles, digital workflow, the business side of photography, as well as networking with riders in the industry. Basically, there’s not much they miss as far as setting you up for success. Not to mention, you get a private night shoot where they not only feed you, they assist you in experimenting with strobe flashes (to be lugged around the hill by yours truly). Check it out for yourself. If you can’t make it this year I’m sure I’ll see you next year!

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Shauna White?Pictured here in the latest issue of ESPN magazine (shot by Sarah Friedman), Shaun represents the action sports audience by posing with his board across his shoulders and a Carrot Top fashion get up? Seriously? This pose just kills me. Sarah, you’re doing some great work with athletes, by why did you pull the stock and unflattering shot of Mr. White? On your website the shots of David Eckstein, Calvin Johnson, and even Michelle Wie were more “manly”. The stock shot of sitting on the deck or even the gangsta/ jock pose would have done more justice with this shot.Shaun white, saraha friedman, nemo design, nemo productions, snowboardwww.sarahafriedman.comShaun white, nemo design, nemo productions, snowboard Shaun white, nemo design, nemo productions, snowboard, carrot topShaun- you’re are on a roll and be careful not to turn into a puppet of the media. Keep it real!

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Can you guess what this is? The answer will be posted tomorrow.


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A match!



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death grip

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I’m going to be blowing my next paycheck on none other than as much medium format polaroid film as i can buy.

Yes, I am sure you are all tired of the myriads of bloggings flying about the web trying to save the polaroid. So i will just say only this, lets face it, the age of medium format polaroid is not-so-slowly becoming another little bump in photographic history, stock up and let it go.

In memory of the newly extinct medium format polaroid film i thought i would post my favorite polaroid photographer. The Polaroid Kid. His work is everything i love in photography…and there is an awesome interview with him featuring more of his picture on fecal face.

If you want to see more amazing polaroids or post your own check out Plrds.com.

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