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Found Photo In the booth   Näkki Goranin’s recently published book “American Photobooth”, spurred this morning’s NY Times article about the history of the photobooth. Interestingly, the photobooth got its start in Times Square in 1926 and became a nationwide sensation. People have always held an affection toward the booth. Even Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino are collectors of the booth, according to the article. My love affair with the photobooth lies in the anthropological  documentation of people and relationships. The pictures above are from In the Booth, a collection of photobooth photos and photomatics from the 1930s through the 1970s. They relay an amazing sense of time, place and culture. The photographs also transmit feelings – shy, bold, coy, fraternal – and intimacy. (more…)

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Cheesy headline aside, Zimmerman is legit. You can find him traveling almost non-stop for a better part of the year, making some of the most amazing images to hit the pages of many snowboard publications. Let’s take a minute to see whats going on in his head…


When did you begin shooting photos?My first experience with a camera was around 15 years old. I tried to shoot pictures of my friends skateboarding with my mother’s Canon AE-1. My dad was pissed that she let me use it. I didn’t get serious about it until ’97. Hell, I’m not sure if I’m even serious about it now.

Was it love at first snap? (more…)

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Steve O get busted, againwww.rickkosick.comJackass superstar Steve-O got busted for cocaine possession, and was hospitalized for the second time this week, at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center.

An insider told Star Magazine that Steve-O was hospitalized Sunday at the Thalians Mental Health Center, specialized in crisis intervention, where he was put on 72-hour-hold, which has been extended to 14 days.

“Steve is stabilized on meds at this point,” the source told Star. “He was also treated for burns on his skin as if he had been putting cigarettes out on his own body.”

Seems his friends had enough of his antics and pulled a Survivor move and voted to call the cops.

They suspect that he maybe Bi-Polar. Dah.

Rick Kosick has been documenting Steve-O and the crew for year.

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