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darri lorenzenhttp://www.darrilorenzen.net/

Darri Lorenzen was born in Reykjavik, Iceland and currently lives and works in Berlin. His work emphasizes spatial relations… people in context of a geography, they are often empty and dislocating in nature. It makes me think of the body as a shell, a space within a space. hh

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Since I’m posting late in the day, I thought I would give you a treat and feature two photos from two different artists. I’m always excited when I see photographers that break the mould and remind me that photography can be so much more than the image from your camera. I came across one of these photographers on Iheartphotograph (a super site that was recommended to me by Anthony Georgis– thanks).

Marnie Weber - Buffalo

Marnie Weber is a multi-media/faceted/talented artist from Los Angeles. She creates photo collages that have a surrealist slant; images that are at once compelling and disturbing. You might recognize her work from Sonic Youth, A Thousand Leaves album. The white face reminds me of Japanese Noh masks that are made to represent, women, children, supernatural beings, heros, devils, or ghosts.

Johanna ReedJohanna Reed’s work is different from Weber’s. She paints found images, often highlighting the foreground or background, which in turn can erase or highlight the context of the image.

I’m much more interested in Weber’s work, but I think they are both good examples that expand our view of photography today.

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Turkey Hydra by Nicholas Di Genova
I sat down and opened my assigned book, it’s Adrian Shaughnessy‘s How to be a graphic designer without loosing your soul. I turned to the last chapter, The Creative Process…its finals.

Why am I writing about a design class on a photo blog?! Well my friends, in my time at school, as a photographer and novice designer, I have found that the hardest thing for any designer, photographer, artist, architect, or sculptor, is finding that thin line between what has been “done” and creating something original. At this point in history, its all been done. (more…)

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